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A message from Andrea

Welcome to Boxed Green

At boxed green we are certified organic by the organic food federation. This means we are inspected once a year to ensure that organic standards are strictly adhered to.

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I deliver organic vegetable and fruit boxes across Bolton, Bury, Salford and Trafford.
Enjoying seasonal produce is what Boxed Green is all about. My veg and fruit boxes will always be fresh and nutritious. I will use local UK farmers whenever possible and source from warmer climates when necessary, by boat, no air freight.

I love being part of nature, especially on my own allotment space. It gives me great joy throughout the seasons, watching the busy bees and butterflies, autumnal leaves, and snowy winters. Boxed Green is based in a quaint pump house in Belmont, surrounded by nature which is perfect!

My ambition has always been to have my own business. In 2020 I was unexpectedly made redundant from the aviation industry. There’s never been a “right” time to start a business, but becoming unemployed gave me the motivation I needed to embark on my new venture-“Boxed Green” Now I have finally hung up my wings, I am ready for a new chapter….

I believe that making a small change to buying organic veg and fruit will benefit people, animals, wildlife and the natural world. Anyone looking to make a change to eating more sustainably and ethically whether you are veggie, vegan, flexitarian or carnivorous is welcome to try my organic produce but ask me for a strawberry in December…it’s a no! It isn’t possible by mother nature’s standards!

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